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Everything About Title Fraud and Prevention

What is Title Fraud?

In simple words, forging deeds or illegal ownership of a home is considered title fraud. It happens when someone illegally transfers a home’s ownership without the consent of the actual homeowner. Normally, people use this term when the owner is unaware that another person has either sold his home, illegally owned it, or put it on rent without the owner’s knowledge. 

Title fraud can be quite disastrous for victims as they lose their biggest asset. In such scenarios, it can be challenging for the victims to overcome the challenges faced by them. One of the worst aspects of title fraud is that most victims get to know about it long after the fraud is done. They only get acknowledged about the title fraud when they have to face the legal consequences attached to it.

How it works, or How Does it Happen?

Typically, there are several steps involved in this heinous process. It includes a lot of stalking and information gathering. The person who conducts title fraud is always a person who has stalked the actual owner of the property for a long time period. Sadly, some states have extremely weak identification requirements. Fraudsters take huge advantage of loopholes in real estate laws in different states throughout the U.S. In some cases, the owners of properties are absent. Hence, it is easier for other people to capture their properties without getting noticed. So, in such cases, it gets difficult for the agencies to trace the fraudster and make him responsible for his actions. These circumstances encourage the fraudsters to make efforts toward committing title fraud.

How to Avoid Title Fraud?

The best way to prevent title fraud is to be vigilant. As long as you are vigilant, it is difficult for others to commit any kind of fraud with you. Regardless of what you own, people cannot change their ownership if you are highly vigilant and cautious towards your land. The FBI suggests that there are certain steps that can be taken if a person wants to save themselves from title fraud. Always cautiously read letters that you receive from mortgage companies, even if it is not directed toward you. Always check up and follow up on these letters. Make a trip to your county’s deed office after every few months to check about the details of your property. Similarly, if you have a property where you do not travel often, ask someone to keep checking it up to detect unwanted activity. For enhanced safety and protection against potential title fraud, consider title services that ensure safety and security.

What are common Home Title Scams?

There are different types of home title scams based on the property’s nature and the criminal’s nature. People use different techniques to steal identities of property and malign them for their own usage. We can differentiate them on the basis of how they are done and how they affect different people. In Florida, there are numerous common home title scams that occur on a daily basis. Some of them have been listed below:

1. Title Theft

This is a common type of title scam in which people steal personal information and use it to transfer property’s title to their own name. Most scammers use fictional names for such purposes to keep themselves safe from legal action. Once they take control of the property, they create complicated situations to earn money and make the situation worse for the original owner. The scammers have the ability to lend the property on rent once they get hold of it. Hence, it is a highly dangerous scam that can destroy the financial situation of any citizen easily.

2. Fraudulent Transfers

There are multiple techniques that people use for fraudulent transfers. Sometimes, criminals use fake documents to manipulate the owners into transferring their ownership without knowing what they are actually signing. Although it might sound a little unrealistic, it happens in some counties of The US where people are not thoroughly aware of the laws of real estate and the issues related to fraudulent transfers. However, it happens and destroys the lives of people that are affected by it. At times, people who are committing such fraud are close relatives of victims, so they are not even suspected of the crime. Hence, it gets difficult for the agencies to take proper action against such acts.

3. Dentity Theft

One of the most common types of title fraud is identity theft. People pretend to replicate the identity of other people in order to seize their property. This sounds a little hard in theory, but it commonly happens all over the world. Sometimes, people take advantage of stolen items and stolen goods of homeowners and present them as their own. Thus, they end up selling properties without even the knowledge of the owner. This can create a lot of complications for the owner. At times, it is even difficult to restore the property despite taking the assistance of expensive lawyers. These reasons make identity theft one of the worst forms of title fraud imaginable.

4. Fraudulent Liens

A fraudulent Lien is a type of title fraud that is created on false, fictional, and illegal statements. Typically, such a lien has no basis at all. There are certain complications that are attached to the topic of liens. In Florida, a lien is considered to be fraudulent when the lienor tends to exaggerate the amount of lien claimed. This is a main indicator that the lien is fraudulent. It is necessary for contractors to ensure that all the calculation done in the lien is accurate. Otherwise, there are high chances of the lien turning fraudulent if the case is turned into a court.

However, the court makes sure that they conduct thorough research of the lien before calling it fraudulent. They ensure that there is substantial evidence to consider it fraudulent. If they find that the lien is perfectly according to the given framework of the law, then they may pass it.

How Do I Freeze My Home Title?

Freezing your title is one of the best ways to protect yourself against title theft in Florida. The best way to freeze your home title is to find an expert title attorney or a consultant. They can guide you with the details that are required to freeze your title deed. You can consult us if you are willing to freeze your title and if you think that you are likely to face this issue. Our team of experts understand the importance of taking preventive measures regarding home titles, so they will provide you with the easiest procedures to freeze them. Once you are done freezing your home title, you will feel relaxed and secure. It is important to consider the safety of your home and properties in an era where theft and fraud are increasing with every passing day.

However, the court makes sure that they conduct thorough research of the lien before calling it fraudulent. They ensure that there is substantial evidence to consider it fraudulent. If they find that the lien is perfectly according to the given framework of the law, then they may pass it.

What are the Digital Techniques Used in Title Fraud, and How to Prevent Them?

There are multiple techniques used in title fraud. People can hack into your social media accounts to find out sensitive information related to the properties you own. They can get access to the most sensitive information about you easily. Similarly, people can use phishing to get access to your private data. They do this by sending you links and documents that may look important, but they are just for the purpose of tricking you. Similarly, malware is also a technique for committing title fraudulent activities. People use harmful malware that is installed on the victim’s computer in order to access personal information. People can easily commit title fraud through malware. The main solution is to avoid clicking on unnecessary links that are sent to you. Do not click or open anything that looks suspicious to you. Additionally, do not give your personal phone to anyone you do not know. We are unaware of the potential of harm that they can do to us.

However, the court makes sure that they conduct thorough research of the lien before calling it fraudulent. They ensure that there is substantial evidence to consider it fraudulent. If they find that the lien is perfectly according to the given framework of the law, then they may pass it.


Title Fraud is a serious problem all over the US, and it needs to be given importance. States should create strict laws regarding title fraud so that people do not attempt to steal others’ properties. However, victims must also be cautious in terms of protecting their properties. They should not let everything to chance and take preventive measures before someone tries to capture their property. If anyone feels that their property is in danger, they should find a consultant or attorney as quickly as possible. If you live in Florida and you are facing any complications regarding Title Fraud or understanding of title fraud laws, you can ask us for consultation. It is necessary for all of us to ensure that such issues are eradicated from society.


Yes, title fraud is a felony in Florida. According to the law of Florida, any person who attempts to file a fraudulent title deed trying to defraud another person, then it is considered a third-degree felony.

Yes, unfortunately, home title can be hacked. Fraudsters have different ways to hack your home title and convert it to their name. Deed fraud is another name for this kind of fraud.