Recorded Webinars

Traditional to Gen Y - Generational Sales

Referrals: The Name of the Game

Successful real estate agents will tell you that as much as 90% of their business comes from referrals.

FR/BAR Real Estate Sales Contract

Creating a Business Plan

Get inspired to build a business plan that will lead you to success all throughout the year. Sue Dutcher from First American Title walks you through many new ideas, tips and tricks to help you form a successful business plan.

NEFAR Purchase and Sale Agreement; ABC's Title Commitments

Overview of the new NEFAR Purchase and Sale Agreement contract that went into effect in April 2020, with notable additions and changes. Plus, this an overview of the basic sections commonly found in a title insurance commitment, including: Schedule A: Actual Facts, Schedule B: Buyer Notification and Requirements C: Clear to Close.

Use Turnover and Absorption Rates to Acquire, Retain & Renew Listings

Course Objective: learn how to be targeted in your approach to acquiring listings by using calculations that target the best areas to market for customers. Real estate broker and real estate instructor at Realty And Insurance U, Hameed Siddiq, helps you understand how to calculate turnover and absorption rates, and then understand how to turnover these rates to help target and minimize marketing and advertising dollars.


Humanizing Your Online Marketing Through Empathy

Course Objective: Learn how build deeper connections with your contacts online. Broker-associate and digital marketing pro Ryan Winter walks you through an in-depth class that will show you how to write and deliver online content that will help you generate more leads through your sphere of influence or other list. 

Unlisted Distressed Properties, iBuyers & Listings

Course Objective: Realtors will learn how to increase listings by finding unlisted distressed properties on RPR.  Then, they will learn how to establish their own iBuyer option, enabling them to compete with other iBuyers. 

Finally, Realtors will understand how to integrate these various strategies into their listing process.