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Preliminary Title Searches

We’ll support throughout your transaction…and before it even begins. Go to your next listing appointment prepared with more data than your competitors.

Give us a call or email with the property address of your next listing appointment. We’ll send you an email with a preliminary title search that will give you deep knowledge about the property and help you give your prospects the confidence they need to trust you to list their home.

This service is free when you close with us.

Real Estate Closings

Closings don’t have to be complicated

Our team will make your life (and that of your customers) simpler. Here’s how.

  • You can trust our experience. We’ve weathered recessions, booms, and everything in between for the last 15 years.

  • You’ll have one dedicated closer working with you throughout your transaction.

  • We’ll manage every aspect of your transaction outside of inspections and negotiations. We’ll work with other members of your success team to make sure the job gets done right.

Title Insurance

We perform an in-depth title search for every closing to serve you and your customers well.

Title insurance adds an extra layer of protection. It keeps your title and legal right to own a property safe even if something comes up down the road. Mortgage lenders require title insurance

We recommend it for all transactions for the well-being of your customers.


Need a place to hold your buyer’s binder deposit? We offer complimentary escrow services.

In most cases, the buyer has the right to choose where their binder is held. US Patriot will work diligently for all parties with every binder distribution and we’ll give you clear next steps if there is ever a dispute.

If you’re looking to further understand the intricacies of title management and its associated challenges, explore our informative resources on choosing the right title companyhow to obtain a copy of your house titleunderstanding title fraud and prevention, and the common title issues realtors should be familiar with.