How the Process Works

Content Written By: April Wilson, Ryan Winter LLC contributing writer

It’s hard work to make sure a potential client chooses you over the competition, and US Patriot Title knows how much time and effort you put into making sure they pick you – Their staff has been there.

US Patriot Title can help you by first, solidify a client by helping you go to your first meeting prepared for success, and second, help you through the buying and selling process to make sure everything goes quickly and smoothly. If your clients feel at ease and happy throughout the whole process, they are more likely to recommend you to their friends and family.

Going in Prepared

US Patriot Title offers the preliminary title search free of charge to help you walk in with a head start. This allows you to already have information on deeds, county land records, both federal and state-level tax liens, divorce cases, bankruptcy records and other financial judgments that may interrupt the process. 

This preliminary title search allows you to be prepared prior to meeting with the client. 

You’ll be able to offer support on how to fix any issues so your client can be successful. 

When you show up prepared with reliable data and proactive thinking, you give the client a reason to trust you — and after all, trust is everything.

Support Through the Process

US Patriot Title helps with solving issues. When a title search discovers an issue with a title, U.S. Patriot Title’s team can help clear issues. 

Then, they can walk you and the homeowner through the process of getting any issues cleared up as quickly and as easily as possible. With their legal team, they are ready to help you and your client understand any title issues, and then help to clear those issues from the title.

“Each member of our team has been in this industry for over a decade. Our knowledge is here to help educate you and to help you grow your business,” Owner of US Patriot Title James “Scott” Triplett said. 

The In-depth Title Search

Once any issues with the preliminary search is solved, the listing is posted and a buyer is found, US Patriot Title can help with an in-depth title search. From there, they can help you get everything ready for closing. They’ll be there through the closing process, helping make closing exciting, stress-free, and done correctly.

The in-depth title search will be provided to get additional information on the ownership of the property and the property survey. This adds peace of mind during the closing process and allows the US Patriot Title team to write an abstract of title and a title opinion. US Patriot Title can then set-up the title insurance. 

Lender’s Title Insurance vs Owner’s Title Insurance

So what’s the difference and why is it important? Many home buyers and sellers don’t understand the difference between the two or why the insurance is important.

US Patriot Title will make sure your client gets the right insurance for them, their lender’s requirements and for the property.

The lender often requires lender’s title insurance, but this only covers the amount of the mortgage. Basically, this makes sure the lender gets their money back in the event of a legal issue involving ownership. This does not protect the homeowner’s existing equity in the home.

This is why US Patriot Title recommends owner’s title insurance. This not only covers the mortgage but also protects the homeowner’s equity in the home. 

Where to hold the money?

Don’t worry, US Patriot Title can help with that too, and it’s complimentary. 

They’ll set up escrow services to hold the buyer’s binder money. This will help create an easy, flawless transaction when closing day comes.