What’s the Role of Open Houses Today?

Content Written By: April Wilson, Ryan Winter LLC contributing writer

Are Open Houses Relevant?

Holding an open house is a traditional, marketing tool to sell a home. Information from North Florida title companies and title companies in Jacksonville, FL. and across the state suggest that open houses can be a great tool. Most open houses are held on Sundays and last for a few hours in the early to mid-afternoon.

With today’s advanced technology and innovation, are open houses still relevant? Many say open houses are a waste of time; while others say they are more important than ever. So which is it?

The Nay Sayers

Those against putting on open houses claim they are a waste of time. Technology today allows potential buyers to extensively research properties they are interested in and then set appointments to look at those properties.

In an article from PARealtors.org, District 8 Vice President Adam Conrad said, “With the market and the technology available today with Google Earth, the ability to post virtually unlimited pictures, video, etc., it is hard to justify the need for an open house. We will do it on occasion, but on the whole we find many sellers adverse to the idea of an open house.” Basically, open houses are an inconvenience to the sellers and don’t add much value to the potential buyers. 

Say Yes To Open Houses

Those in favor of open houses feel very different. While technology has changed the buying and selling environment, it has actually increased the need for an open house – when done right.

“The buyer sees the properties online, chooses which homes to view and provides a list to the agent. With this in mind, you can imagine why it’s important to have open houses,” District 10 Vice President Preston Moore said in the PARealtors.org article.

Many people look on their own for properties using the internet and then rely on open houses to check them out. A properly-timed open house can be vital to selling quickly.

It helps with word-of-mouth marketing, plus sellers can get direct feedback on the property. “Open houses create ‘buzz’ and activity on a home as more people visit the property in person. If you do have the open house, you can quickly get feedback from buyers who can be surveyed on the home when they stop by,” Moore added in the article.

Open House? It Depends…

Others say it depends on the type of property you are trying to sell. 

Smaller, first-time homebuyer type of properties warrant an open house. These properties tend to target younger, weekday working individuals who spend time researching houses on the weekends and are open to perusing and walking properties in the area they are considering. A US News article focused on real estate suggests that “Weekend open houses are convenient for this type of buyer”

An open house for more luxurious properties may be a waste of time. This is because the buyers for these properties tend to shop in private. Meaning the individuals who show up to the open house are more than likely not potential buyers. “A public open house may attract those just looking for sport or curiosity, whether they’re your nosy neighbors or people who aren’t really interested in buying,” US News’ report said. 

Need Help?

Depending on the type of listings you have, open houses may be the right move. US Patriot Title can help you with getting the word out about the open house, plus have professional, marketing materials at the open house for potential buyers to take with them. US Patriot Title can help you with getting all the marketing materials you need, including: 

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