Technology for speed and convenience, but is it safe?

Content Written By: April Wilson, Ryan Winter LLC contributing writer

Technology can make a big difference when it comes to buying and selling homes. The ability to communicate quickly and securely is one of the most important qualities you can offer to your clients.

As a Realtor, you want your client to be able to use a platform that allows them to send and receive sensitive information securely during the buying and selling process. 

Cloud-based Technology

US Patriot Title uses the cloud-based technology Qualia that can send messages and receive documents securely. A title agent will send an invite to the secure platform to your client. From there, they can communicate securely through the platform and send any important documents back and forth.

According to Qualia’s website their, “Cloud-based title, escrow, and closing platform empowers teams of all sizes to deliver a best-in-class closing experience that meets the industry’s most stringent security requirements.” interviewed the founder and CEO of Qualia, Nate Baker. He is quoted in their article saying: “Those that have switched to modern technology are able to easily and securely communicate with their clients, keep them updated in real time about the status of their closing, and avoid unnecessary errors that happen all too frequently when their own internal processes are overly burdensome.”

On Qualia’s website, it explains that Qualia uses a multitude of systems to keep your client’s data protected. You can help your client feel confident and at ease when dealing with closing paperwork. Here is some information you can use from Qualia’s website that can help you explain to your client how their data will be protected if choose to use US Patriot Title:

● ALTA Pillar 3 Compliant Privacy

     ○ Qualia keeps your client data private and verifiably restricts it from unapproved third party access.

● Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

     ○ An extra layer of sign-in security further prevents anyone from accessing your accounts without your permission.

● AES-256 Data-at-rest Encryption

     ○ The “out of the box” protections are best-in-class so you can be confident your data is secured from external bad actors.

● Secure Built-In Communications

     ○ Keep your client funds safe from the rise in external Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams.

Electronic Notary Systems

US Patriot Title is also e-notary certified through Pavaso. This means your clients can get their paperwork electronically notarized, speeding up the closing process and making it easier for everyone. 

Pavaso is a full-service closing platform. They can “perform a completely paperless eClosing.”

Why this technology matters to you.

US Patriot Title is one of the few title companies in Florida that provides all of these secure, electronic programs. Your client can rest assured that their paperwork will be completed quickly with the ease of electronic software, yet safely with the use of these secure platforms. recently quoted a study that showed that people who are in the market to buy or sell a home are almost ready for AI technology — almost. 

They still want someone who they can trust to walk them through the process — and that person is you. 

The study also showed that 62% of people in the study are not comfortable completing the closing paperwork alone and that’s where you come in. 

Combining your knowledge of the buying and selling process with the new technology available, you can make sure potential clients choose you as their Realtor, have a great buying and selling experience and then recommend you to their friends and family.