When you purchase, refinance, sell, or obtain a home equity loan/line on a home, signing the closing documents is one of the final steps in the transaction. Traditionally, closings require in person wet signing of a large amount of paper documents. With Pavaso and US Patriot Title, you and your closer can meet online to electronically sign and notarize your closing documents for Florida-based transactions. Please review the checklist below to ensure you meet all system requirements and optimize your experience during your scheduled RON eClosing.

Note: Cash transactions and seller mail away transactions do not require any lender approval. All other transactions are subject to lender approval.

Here’s what you’ll need:

● Pavaso login information and 6-digit PIN

● You will need your Pavaso login information and PIN you created when you received your invitation email.

● Valid identification State-issued ID, driver’s license, or government-issued passport. Smartphone with text message and camera capability. You will be required to take a picture of your ID during the RON eClosing session.

● Computer/laptop with working camera, microphone, and speakers Cell phones and tablets (like an iPad) are not compatible with RON. However, some hybrid tablets (like a Microsoft Surface Pro) are compatible when using Google Chrome.

● Latest version of a compatible web browser. Mozilla Firefox has worked best and we strongly recommend using this browser.

● Strong, uninterrupted internet connection with minimum 15 MBPS download/upload speed for an optimal experience. Confirm your internet speed with your internet service provider. Should you have any questions or issues on Pavaso, please email us at support@pavaso.com or call (866) 288-7051, option 3.

Or call our office at 904-518-5127.

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